Dating Advice For Women: Be real sexually!

Are women pretending to like sex when they first meet someone and are getting to know them? Is Oral sex an act in the beginning and she secretly hates it? Is this “fake dating” to lure him in? Why Do Women Change who they are in their relationships? (Are men guilty of this too?)

One of the biggest complaints from men is that women change when they get comfortable in a relationship. Why is that? Are they being pretentious in the beginning? Is it the sweet lure to bring the man into their web? Or are they oblivious to their actions? Women like to manage things and like to be in control of the home front. To be fair, women were given the womb & the ovaries; they should be able to be somewhat territorial in that department.

When women first meet a man they do try harder to look attractive & sexy for them. They dress quite differently at home, and would never wear casual Costco sweatpants in front of a potential partner in the beginning. All beauty regimens including hair, makeup & hair removal, would be much more of a concern in the first six months!

After the relationship progresses many things start to change, especially the sex. It happens less often with much quicker sessions. Many men complain that oral sex is almost non-existent, with the exceptions of Birthdays or if he buys her a really good Valentine’s gift. (Women who have really expensive jewelery are usually members of the “Morehead Collection”, the more head they give, the more jewelery they collect.)

Some women argue that they “change” due to their guy also not making much of an effort. Many women in Vancouver say that both sexes show their best attributes in the beginning, and then relax as they become more comfortable with their partner. It can also vary with how strong each person is in the relationship. Type A personalities can butt heads and power struggles will be an issue.

Another question to ask is, do women really change all that much or are men blinded in the beginning and are ignoring some of the signs due to the sexual chemistry? To find out the real person whom you are dating, it is wise to take an extended holiday with them. Being together 24 hours a day out of a normal environment is the true test.

Watch how they handle stressful situations life brings their way. Stress is a huge eye opener in a relationship. It can bring a couple closer together if they work as a team. Learning how to open up and talk helps keep the communication lines open, and allows each partner to understand why they may be moody or quiet at certain times.

Shutting each other out is the quick demise to many relationships. Being real and true to one’s self is the only way each partner should enter the dating market. Pretentious actions may keep the dance card full for the short term, but will not help book a wedding date anytime soon.

Susan McCord & Mick Lolekonda

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