My Show On Blogtalk Radio “Leaveittwobeavers”

When I first stated my online talk show it was in radio format which was my first love in the Broadcasting Industry. I was a little ahead of my time before Podcasting was popular. Many of my shows were archived which I am now adding to my new Blogtalk Radio Show on a weekly basis.

I will also be “live on air” on the show with interesting Lifestyle topics & exciting guests. Please contact me at my email here or on Blogtalk Radio if you would like to be a guest on my show. I love to hear from men & women of all ages.  Send me your topics & I will gladly discuss them if you are too shy to call in.

Please tune in to My YouTube Channel as well to see all my uploaded videos! There is something for everyone there!

Cheers & thank you for visiting my website <3


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