ABOUT ME (Host Susan McCord)

As one of five children, I grew up in Vancouver Canada and have lived here for most of my life with the exception of living in Dallas, Texas for one year. (My son was born there.) I was a single mom for 18 years while I worked as a flight attendant for a Canadian Airline. I recently left my job after 20 years, to pursue my passion in Broadcasting/Radio/TV.

After many attempts to get into the competitive radio market in Vancouver from 2003-2005, I ventured into writing and producing my own show on the Internet. I attended BCIT in Burnaby, B.C. for studies in Broadcasting part time while flying around the world as a flight attendant and raising my son.

I joined YouTube over four years ago and now have over 250 uploaded videos.  The content is based on Dating/Relationships/Sex/Lifestyle Advice. I use a humorous no-nonsense approach with all show topics.  This is a very Gender friendly show and the whole concept is to make men and women appreciate each other and embrace our differences.

I am a published author at Smashwords; https://t.co/gJ5JAukglx

Susan's Book Cover











Due to the numerous viewer questions I receive on a regular basis I have implemented an ADVICE Column on my other website @ Dear Sybersue. I am also an Expert Writer  for http://www.examiner.com.

My audience has grown dramatically in the last year and I am now well on my way to bolder achievements.  I also appear often on Sex@11 with Rebecca Rosenblat who uses my video clips to add to her own show content @ RogersTV in Toronto.

I am a client at both Maijah Lewk  Talent Agency & BCF Casting  in Vancouver  where I appear regularly on TV/Film/Commercials as a Photo Double/Background/Commercial Actor.

Profile & Resume: http://www.agencyclick.com/SusanMcCord

I will look forward to hearing from you regarding any “Broadcasting Opportunities” you may have. My specialties include Interviewing, Voice Over, TV/Radio Hosting, Advice Columnist & Blogging. I am a very professional woman who enjoys diversity in this industry and I am always open to new adventures.

Susan McCord


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME (Host Susan McCord)

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  2. Susie i am trying to track you down. I am in town for five weeks for the olympics
    are you still doing personal training. can you contact me if you have time. would love to chat
    kathy xoxo

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